5 Top Podcasts Every Hiring Manager Should Listen To

Nowadays podcasts are getting to be one of the most popular things when it comes to learning more about various topics. Today, one in three Americans listens to a podcast each day. More than one in five tune into one on a regular basis. As a result there is a growing audience of podcast viewers now. Within the last few years, the amount of podcast listeners has grown according to Pew Research.

One of the main reasons why podcasts are so popular now is because there is podcast for just about everyone. Whether a person is interested in topics such as history, politics, fashion, medication or comedy, people will always be able to find a podcast that will get their interest. Recently there have been podcasts for recruiters. These podcasts have helped many recruiters find the ideal employees and find out what to look for when hiring top talent for their companies.

During the last few months, there have been five podcasts that have emerged as the very best. Some of these podcasts include episodes on how to start the process of recruiting professionals. There are a couple that are about recruiting while a few others contain many different insights on how to talk to candidates, make a hiring decision and source recruits. Along with providing lots of useful information, podcasts also help make commutes more exciting and better.


One of the top recruiting podcasts is HBR Ideacast. This is a weekly podcast that features the leading minds in business and management who represent the Harvard Business Review. On this podcast, recruiters can learn some valuable insights of hiring employees from one of the most respected magazine publications in the nation. The podcast has over 600 episodes that recruiters can choose from. Some of the most popular episodes include one How Google manages talent, the era of agile freelance talent and fixing the college grad hiring process. While these episodes are among the best, recruiters are advised not to limit themselves to ones that just discuss recruiting. They will also benefit by listening to other podcast episodes that include how to negotiate better with job candidates, how to provide more constructive feedback and how to better manage your time.


Another one of the top podcasts for recruiters is Slates Working. This podcast talks about what people do all day according to reviewers. This particular podcast is an in depth interview that explores all of the characteristics of many different jobs. The podcast has 100 episodes on many different topics of recruiting. One of the most popular episodes is How Does a Google Coder Work. It also includes another episode How Does an Appliance Repairman Work. These episodes provide insight on every type of job out there. With this variety of episodes, recruiters are able to find an episode that provides them with more in depth information about the job they are currently recruiting professionals for.

While working as a recruiter, it is very likely that they hired people for jobs that they knew very little about. They were likely unfamiliar with what the candidate does each day. However, with this particular podcast, they will be able to get a clear perspective on what a worker does at their particular job each day. Therefore, this podcast provides recruiters with a very fascinating look into what professionals do everyday at their particular job.


When looking to listen to a podcast about recruiting, The Best Part of My Job is another one that recruiters should look into. With this podcast, listeners can learn more about recruiting and various job positions from Lars Schmidt. The podcast is inspired by his interview questions and features discussions with some of the most renowned talent gurus in business. With insight provided by some of the most prominent business leaders, recruiters can get the information they need in order to more easily find the best talent available. The Best Part of My Job is mainly focused on the traditional business world which will appeal to many recruiters who are looking to get more insight on how to get talent for improving a company.


With Freakonomics Radio, recruiters can learn more about recruiting from a unique perspective. Recruiters can listen to this podcast that is hosted by Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt. This podcast focuses on behavioral economics which adds some appeal to many recruiters who are looking for different content. Freakonomics Radio talks about human nature and how it affects the state of the economy. With the podcast, listeners can learn more about things that include gender gaps, preventing crime and secrets to being more productive each day.

When working as a recruiter, it is important to have a good understanding of how many people in the business world make decisions. It is also important to find out what makes them come to these specific decisions. With Freakonomics, recruiters can learn more about what motivates people to make a hiring decision, what job to take and why they may quit their current job.


Recruiting Future is another top weekly podcast that is focused on talking about the future of technology and innovation. This podcast also talks about how human resources can manage this technological innovation. Hosted by Matt Alder, Recruiting Future takes a close look at the entire recruiting process. You will learn about things such as in house recruiting, analyzing people, branding and recruiting top international talent. On the podcast are many interviews with some of the leading experts on technology and recruiting. With this podcast, recruiters can keep up to date on the latest trends in recruiting for an evolving workforce and business environment.

With these five podcasts, recruiters will have the tools they need in order to learn more about the business world which will help them make better decisions. They will be able to get insight from industry experts where they can get valuable information on how to better understand the needs and motivations behind both company executives and professionals. By listening to these podcasts on a regular basis, recruiters will be able to improve and adapt to the recent changes in the business world.