Job Market

9 States with the Most Job Opportunities

The rate of employment in the United States of America has significantly grown over the past four months. The rate of unemployment has dropped to 5.8%. Looking back at February 2020, nobody had a slight idea of what it would be like in the next couple of months. Many people lost their jobs while others had to work from home to minimize COVID-19 infections. Unemployment rose with an alarming margin, but things started getting back to normal after the invention of the vaccine. Although the economy is still battling the post-pandemic hardships, people can secure jobs and fend for themselves.

Although the job market has not fully recovered, some states are stable than others. However, some areas are still very weak, and the unemployment rate still very high. Therefore, this article will be looking at the nine best states where employment opportunities are easier to get.

9 States in the USA with the Lowest Unemployment Rates

1. North and South Dakota
North Dakota is one of the states with the lowest unemployment rate. It is currently standing at about 3.1%. The oil fields that require more workforce have led to the number of people moving to the state triple. The population growth has increased the job market. More people will need houses to live in, malls to shop in, and hospitals to see a doctor when they are ill. If you are looking for work, North and south Dakota are states where you can easily get work. The rate of unemployment in South Dakota is 4.5%.

2. Texas
Texas has, over the years, growing at a high rate. There are many employment opportunities at the oil mines and in the many companies that give alternative energy. Technicians to work in the gas fields, medical staff, home care service providers, and counselors are among the people who get jobs quicker in Texas. Information Technology is also highly ranked in cities such as Austin and hence provides opportunities for junior workers in IT jobs. The current unemployment rate is 6.6%.

3. New York
New York has been rated one of the best places where you can secure well-paying employment. It is never too hard to get employment here since there are many opportunities. As long as you are looking for anything you can lay your hands on, it won’t take long for you to get a job. It is one of the states that top in offering professional jobs in finance, law, public relations, and marketing. The current unemployment level is at 8.7%.

4. Arizona
For many years, Arizona was one of the most difficult states for you to secure a permanent job. That has changed over the years as investors continually invested in the tourism industry in the state. Arizona has also become a technology hub for the southwest of the United States. Software developers, corporate recruiters, financial analysts are some positions you can easily secure in the state. If you are not looking for a specific job, you can be lucky to secure a job as a skilled laborer. The rate of unemployment has significantly fallen to 8.1%.

5. Utah
For almost two decades, Utah has been on the list with the lowest unemployment rates. As much as the population is growing, the state is growing too. That is why there is a good balance when it comes to employment. There has been immense growth in the tourism sector, medical field, and technology. There is, therefore, a need for professionals to work in the said fields. Currently, the unemployment rate is about 5.2%.

6. Washington
Washington is a hub of many successful businesses. It is, therefore, one of the states that offer a high number of employment opportunities. The state has average wages with fewer working hours, which makes it a destination for graduates seeking work opportunities worldwide. Washington is dominated by many business sectors and therefore offers employment opportunities such as web development, software development, engineering, physician, and security technicians. As long it is not an illegal business, people as young as 14 can be employed. The unemployment rate in Washington is at 8.2%.

7. Pennsylvania
This is a state where employees are considered “at will.” That means that they can terminate their employment anytime for any reason unless a contract or a statutory right binds them. There was a time when Pennsylvania suffered unemployment, especially due to recessions. The narrative changed after multiple oil fields were discovered, attracting the labor workforce to the state. In a recent study, the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania has dropped to 6% from 8.1% in March 2021. If you are looking for technical and skilled jobs, then this is one of the states where you can secure such jobs. The health sector continues to grow, needing more health works and especially at the management levels.

8. Massachusetts
The unemployment rate in Massachusetts has dropped to only 3% compared to the 7% in February 2021. That means that the state continues to open up after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The state offers employment opportunities with an average starting salary. Most employees in the state enjoy fewer working hours in a week. It is easy to secure a job in the management sector, health, sales and marketing, and engineering. The only disadvantage of working in Massachusetts is that it has longer commuter time than the rest of the states.

9. Colorado
Finding employment has never been an easy task. It is until you focus and works toward it that you will stand chances of being successful. That is not different in Colorado. Even if it is one of the states with a very low unemployment rate, securing a job is hard. That is because most of the jobs available here are professional and require that you have studied and earned the skill. The health sector is very demanding. If you are a physician, pediatrician, psychiatrist, or ophthalmologist, you stand a higher chance of securing a job. Other jobs that are readily available are flight engineers, pilots, and salespersons. The current unemployment rate in Colorado is at 4.2%.