Effective Ways of Using Social Media to Get a Job

Few years ago, social media was a way if connecting with old friends and family. Many people used this platform to keep up with their favorite influencers. In the past few years, social media has become a great job search tool. Studies indicate that over 92% of modern companies are using different social media platforms to hire their employees. Most hiring managers search the for the potential candidate social media profiles before they can give them a job. The job market has become extremely competitive too. Job seekers have to get more creative so that they get noticed. Here are some of the most effective ways of using social media to get your dream job.

Google yourself

Start assuming that potential employers will search your socials before they can call you for an interview. Google yourself and see what come up. Are you happy with the results you find? Are there some inappropriate photos or posts? If you find anything unpleasant content about you, delete it change the private settings in your profile. Remember you need hiring managers to locate you, so ensure that the most of your useful information such as employment history, professional skills and location is still public. Other people will still see the profile photo you are using on various social media platforms, even when you have strict private settings. Ensure the profile picture will impress hiring managers.

Identify few social media sites

It’s not advisable to have too many social media pages. You won’t be able to keep up with all of the accounts. Try to focus on one or two social media accounts when it comes to searching for employment. LinkedIn, however, should be the main account. Ensure that the contact information you are sharing on the accounts is accurate. Everything on the social media account should match the information in your resume. Remove any dormant accounts; it’s time to get rid of them.

Get involved in social media discussions

It’s important to like and follow posts by job search professionals, companies and the people you would love to impress. Although this won’t make them approach you with the job opportunity you need, it will help in the end.

In every industry, you’ll always find a lot of exciting debates and discussions happening across various social media platforms. Take part in these discussions. You can keep an eye on these discussions by setting the Google alerts. When you take part in the discussions, you will learn a lot, and you might end up impressing someone who might hire you. Your social media comments should always be articulate. Post comments that are well thought out. Avoid rude comments at all times. Check your grammar before posting a comment.

It’s crucial to post content about your industry. You can chose to write about the various challenges your department is dealing with for a start. Your followers will grow with time, and soon, you’ll have an amazing reputation.

Use social media platforms to search

If you’re thinking about a certain company, you can learn more about it through social media. Most organizations in the market today post content about their industry and changes taking place in their institutions. With the information you find online about the company, you can significantly strengthen your job search. Understand everything about the organization culture and the way they treat their workers. With social media accounts such as Twitter, you can identify the leaders working in the facility you are targeting. Start to follow these individuals. Comment and like their posts and you will capture their attention.

Show people that you are a thoughtful leader

When searching for a job through social media, it’s paramount to portray yourself as an expert in your industry. When you engage with your followers, be careful with the information you are sharing. Comment and give your contributions on industry topics after doing proper research. You can also highlight your expertise online by posting topics concerning your industry. Twitter is an excellent place for job seekers to showcase their talents and professional skills. You can use twitter to comment on the trending industry news. Apart from getting the job you have been dreaming about, posting great content will help you to build a great personal brand.

Show your personality

When developing your brand online, most people avoid having a sense of humor. Staying professional is great, but it’s good your audience that you can be interesting person. The way you interact with people online tells them how you will be in an office setting. Hiring managers love to hire professionals who are capable of doing the job and at the same time connect well with the other workers.

You can opt to show your professional skills through Linked In, then highlight more about your personality away from work through Instagram and Twitter. Keep everything clean just to be on the safe side.

Start sending personalized massages

When using LinkedIn as your job search platform, setting up your profile is not enough. You have to network if you want to see great results. When reaching out to people you want to network with, ensure you personalize the networking request by sending a message. Most professionals will respond to your message. When someone responds to your message, you can call them and connect with them better. Using this great approach helps job seekers to understand everything about company cultures in other organizations. Always remember that creating strong genuine relationships is what leads to a successful job search.

Join groups related to your industry

You don’t need to keep all your expertise to yourself. Through Facebook and LinkedIn, you can easily join pages and groups that focus on your industry. Most of the professionals groups post job opportunities for the individuals looking for jobs.

When using Twitter, start using hashtags to find discussions about your industry. This process will ensure you have more engagement on your posts. Hashtags will make your posts to be searchable. You’ll also get numerous followers because of using this strategy.