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How to Find a Job Fast

Finding a job in today’s competitive market can be quite the challenge, but not impossible. These 5 Tips may be just what is needed to help you land a dream job if you keep hitting a wall.

1. Present the Best Version of Yourself at the Interview

Social Media

In today’s social media crazed world, your reputation may precede you to the interview. As part of the screening process, a high percentage of employers search job candidate’s available online activity. It is recommended, therefore, to scour the internet by preforming a “Google” search on your name and see what pops up. Also, make sure that the personal pictures previously shared with the public are presentable for future employers to review. The final decision on whether you get the job may come down to your online web presence. Keep this tip in mind before posting public content.

Dress your Best

How you present yourself speaks volumes. Dress and grooming are a silent witness of a person’s characteristics. Remember, employers are trying to get to know you in a small window of time. The candidate’s style of dress, hair, makeup will be scrutinized. It may be helpful to visit your future job ahead time, taking note of how current employees present themselves. Blending into the environment of a future job may put an employer at ease.

Exhibit your qualification

Have a good grasp on the job qualifications required for the position. Once you are invited to sit down for the interview, this is the point where your words, actions and personality will carry weight. After the initial introduction, start out by reassuring your future employer that you have the skills, qualifications and experience to fulfill the position.

2. What is the Fastest Way to Find a New Job?

Be mindful, that advertised job may attract a large volume of jobseekers. Be willing to look in areas the major overlook.


This may be one of the best kept secrets and the fastest way to find a job. You can start by making a list of friends, family, and associates, who are presently working in your desired field. Using personal contacts is a excellent way to get a head start on the competition. Networking gives an extra advantage of gaining valuable information on desired companies.

Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies earn their income from matching companies with employees. It is possible to land a short or long-term job quickly, by signing up with numerous agencies. Do not limit yourself to just a few.

Be Hard Working

Make it your full-time job to get a job. Do not limit job-seeking activities to just a few inquires a week. Wake up early in the morning, just as if you were going to a real job. Hit the streets to make contacts, meet people and fill out applications. Review and update your resume regularly. Make sure it is error free and has a professional look and always carry extra copies.

Delivery Service

Home and business delivery services are booming industries. Everything From takeout delivery, grocery shopping services to using your personal car as a taxi are great side gigs. These types of jobs require dependable transportation and good customer service skills. It is possible to be hired within a week’s time after passing a background check.

3. Online Work

Take a look at online jobs. True, some online jobs may not pay, as well as, a brick and mortar, 9-5. However, if you take into consideration that you won’t need to travel, buy work clothes or eat out for lunch, then the pay may be equivalent. Some great online careers are:

Teaching English online

This type of work requires a good command of the English language. Some, but not all, schools require a Tefl certificate. The biggest hurdle to obtaining an online teaching job is to impress your future employer in the online interview.

Writing Content

There are numerous sites that hire content writers. The requirement is to pass a test. The test will challenge your grammar, punctuation and writing ability. You should be notified within the week of your acceptance.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Most major online employment websites list openings for virtual assistants. After reading the qualification, applying can be as simple as filling out online forms. VA are in great demand and is an economical option for many employers needing qualified assistants.

4. Trade School

Going back school does not always require a huge sum of money or a large investment in time. Community colleges are can be an economical option. Acquiring a certificate can be accomplished in short order, depending on the course. Some degrees can be earned in 3-12 months. A certificate or degree may open the door to your own business.

5. Post Your Own Gig

There is no end to the online companies dedicated to allowing entrepreneurs to easily set up their own businesses. For example: self-publishing, creating, and selling merch, and offering online freelance services. The good news is that there are no start up cost associated with these opportunities. However, a modern computer and fast internet connection are required.


In today’s world, finding a job may be challenging, but it can be accomplished with the right attitude and motivation. Getting a job is a job within itself. Be prepared to spend the lion’s share of your day, searching, seeking, and networking for a job. You will hear “NO”, quite often, but don’t let that damper your zeal. Do not be afraid to use the tips listed above. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. Always be positive, and vigorously pursue your dreams.