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How to Find Part-Time Work During Pandemic

The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. Many people have lost their lives. So complaining about not having a job in such a difficult time may seem a little petty, but it is a fact thousands of people are jobless. Fortunately, there is a solution. While you may not be able to get a job in your area of expertise, you may be able to get a part-time work-from-home position that will give you enough money to meet your expenses while we wait for the pandemic to fizzle out.

Most employers are not hiring new employees until COVID-19 subsides, and when there are no jobs available, it becomes difficult to save money for emergencies like this one. The solution is to look for a temporary or part-time job to meet your financial needs.

An Unexpected Unemployment Rate Hike
During the pandemic, the United States experienced a 14% unemployment rate hike in April 2021. Roughly 4 million Americans lost their jobs, and unemployment remained at 4.1% throughout the summer.

Now, when the pandemic is on a downward turn, people are still struggling with job loss and unemployment. And most people believe that when it is all over and done, those old jobs probably won’t come back as many businesses have closed their doors permanently.

The Solution is to Find An Alternative
For many people, starting to look for a job alternative is the best way to overcome the financial setbacks caused by this pandemic. There are plenty of jobs available, but you may need to be flexible about where you want to work and what type of job you need.

It might do you good to find a temporary position. Taking on a part-time job may be the lifeline you’ve been looking for, something that lets you learn, keeps you busy, and makes you money while you are waiting for your job to come back.

Businesses are also experiencing an economic downturn, so it is in these times that employers often hire someone with experience on a part-time basis. They look for someone with knowledge but who has been unemployed for an extended period to fill these part-time positions. And the truth is, when you are out of work, it is essential to get back into the workforce, even if it’s not at your previous position. Working is suitable for your mental and financial well-being during these trying times.

A Part-Time Job Helps You Try New Things

In this day and age, it is essential to stay current in the workplace to keep your job well into the future. You never know what opportunities might arise from a change in pace or a new project, so being open-minded will only help your career going forward.

Interested in this career path? Here are a few part-time jobs to try.

As the world population grows and a pandemic spreads across countries, teachers are in high demand. Positions that didn’t previously exist are opening up in education, such as tutoring or teaching during school vacations. There are even positions such as teaching English as a foreign language or teaching alternative hands-on courses.

More and more families in America are opting out of traditional schools for alternatives like home-schooling or micro-schools. It’s understandable why so many families may prefer these alternatives. Micro schools can provide personalized attention by drawing from a small number of students, usually around 10 or 20 kids per class. And that leads to job opportunities for creative people, connect with kids or have experience in a specific field. It is something at least worth looking into.

Writers and editors of online copy are in demand. It’s no surprise that businesses are turning online more than ever, and it shows, 70% of marketing teams report investing in content marketing. To take your blog writing or editing skills to another level, learn how to use WordPress so you can publish to an employer’s blog.

If you speak more than one language, use it to your advantage. Studies have shown that bilingual employees can earn as much as 20% more money per hour than those who only speak one language. This may be because business is becoming more globalized, and managers need people to communicate with people from other countries or regions.

Accounting And Finance
Accounting and finance professionals are needed in every industry, from non-profit to manufacturing. In addition to traditional accounting positions, companies also seek workers who can manage PPP loans. For those interested in human resources management or working payroll changes, there is a demand for people to make sense of payroll data and trends. Companies need accounting specialists to help with taxes, accounting, and finances so they can stay ahead of the game when it comes to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Explore Marketing Options
Consider becoming a part-time virtual assistant or diving into a niche business-marketing tactic like lead generation. Virtual assistants handle administrative and clerical work, such as meeting minutes and scheduling appointments. Lead generation is when businesses sell information about their customers to other companies; this can be accomplished by collecting customer data in forms on the website, email campaigns, social media posts that link back to the company’s website, or through events where attendees are given free products in exchange for their contact information.

This job can help you explore other more permanent options like online marketing or SEO.

While your old job may no longer be available, there are alternative jobs out there. They may not be full-time positions, but they do give you the opportunity to explore different avenues and find something that you may like and want to take on full-time later on.

Jennifer Parker Moore
Jennifer is a full-time teacher, musician, and community collaborator. She believes in helping people reach their fullest creative capabilities, and believes that taking on flexible career roles helps individuals grow and gives them the needed experience to become successful in this post-pandemic world.