How to stay motivated during a frustrating job search

Job searches are stressful even in the best of times. That’s why they can be particularly difficult in the midst of trying economic circumstances. If you’re in the midst of a job quest that seems rather demoralizing, then it can be so easy to succumb to the temptation to feel sorry for yourself and wallow in self-pity. That’s the last thing in the world that you should do, however. If you want to boost your odds of job search success considerably, then you have to keep your motivation levels in check, plain and simple. These suggestions can help you keep your chin up even when you feel as though you’re at the end of your rope in the job search department.

Establish an Unwavering Day-to-Day Regimen

It can be optimal to establish and maintain a day-to-day regimen that’s nice and dependable. Doing so can help your state of mind greatly. You should try your best to rise and shine at a predictable hour in the morning each day of the week. It can also be smart to participate in the same favorable activities without fail. You may want to kick your day off with a brisk walk around your community park. It may help to try yoga, too. Once you take care of those basics, you can set off to begin your job search tasks in earnest.

Create Realistic Aims

If you want to maintain a rock-solid attitude, creating realistic aims can go a long way for you. Try to establish goals that aren’t too ambitious at first. Goals that you can achieve relatively swiftly can do a lot for your feelings of self-esteem. It may be smart to go forward with goals for the first half of the month or perhaps even for the week. If you get little “victories,” then it can help ward off feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

What’s an example of a goal that’s realistic? You can tell yourself that you’ll walk around looking for “now hiring” signs in the windows of businesses. If you spot any that pique your interest, you can submit an application right then and there.

Write Out All of Your Job Search Glories

It can be tough to feel terrific about yourself during a difficult and competitive job search. Thankfully, there are things that you can do that can boost your mood and motivation levels. It may be helpful to jot down all of the things that you’ve actually attained since kicking off your quest. Perhaps you’ve perfected your cover letter and resume. You may have updated your website and made it a lot more user-friendly. Reminding yourself about these little victories of sorts can do so much for your morale levels.

Search for People You Can Emulate

Inspiration can go a long way for people who are in the midst of nerve-racking job search ruts. If you feel like you have no way out, then it can help you greatly to seek a bit of outside inspiration. Study up on people who have done well in your desired field or industry against all odds. Learn about all of the obstacles they had to face. Try to find out what they did to get beyond them. You may be able to emulate them. It can help so much to remember that you’re not alone in your job search. Plenty of people have felt the way you have before. Plenty of people have come out a lot stronger for it, too.

Ask for Feedback That’s Helpful

Look around at all of the people who are around you. Concentrate on your significant other, your trusted family members and your closest buddies. If you trust the folks in your surroundings, it can be wise to request helpful feedback from them. If you feel as though you’re in the middle of a job search crisis, then you may be doing something wrong that just isn’t obvious to you. The people who care about you the most may be able to identify what you’re doing wrong and stop you before things get worse or before you continue squandering your precious time. It may be intelligent to ask your best pal if he or she can interview you. It may be intelligent to ask a grammar-savvy person in your family if he or she can proofread your cover letter and resume as well. Making seemingly minor tweaks can often do a lot for morale.

Go for a Breather

If you feel stressed out to the max during a tough job search, then burnout could be the culprit. That’s precisely why it may be in your best interests to go for a little breather. If you halt your search temporarily, then it may give you ample time to clear your head and figure out all of your priorities. It may help you recharge and return to your search feeling better and more self-assured than ever before. Try to treat yourself during your breather. Enjoy a day of pampering at a health spa. Read an engaging book. Take a couple of warm and lazy bubble baths. A little bit of leisure can do a lot for stressed out job searchers who feel tapped out.

Continue Taking Part in the Things You Adore

If you want to steer clear of stress and feelings of discouragement during your job quest, it can be helpful to continue participating in all of your favorite activities. If you don’t have any pastimes or hobbies, then it may actually even be the ideal time to change that. You may want to try to learn how to cook gourmet dishes. You may want to try your hand at sewing. The possibilities are practically endless. You should aim to take your mind off your taxing job search from time to time. It may do a lot for your mental state. People who are searching for jobs often make the mistake of obsessing over their circumstances and forgetting about everything else.