How To Turn An Internship Into A Full Time Job

Internships are a quite common practice and in some workplace environments, they are an inevitable component of the economic machine. An internship is an inevitable part (or in some cases, a consequence) of having little to no valid work experience in a new field or industry that catches your eye. And with internships comes the grunt work: Getting the coffee orders, operating the office machinery, troubleshooting the copy machine, doing menial varieties of data entry and things of that nature. It can feel like you are slogging through the mud for little or even no pay for little to no benefit to yourself.

But what if I told you that with enough finesse and politicking, you too can join the workforce as a full time employee that reaps the rewards of their hard labor? What if I mentioned that, just like any other opportunity in one’s lifetime, you can spin it into your favor with a little luck and perseverance? Well, look no further intern, because in time with these methods applied properly and delicately, you will find yourself clacking away at a keyboard in an open floor planned office in no time! Consider the following information carefully in your own time:

1. Evaluate your work’s needs

Does your workplace cease all functions when your duties are yet to be fulfilled? How often do upper management types affirm your worth to the company? How many times are you considered a “lifesaver” or a “hero” in casual conversation? If none of these apply, you must find a way to essentially prove your worthiness to your company and affirm that your hiring is more than a desire: It is a necessity! Your future employer will eagerly sign you aboard if you find yourself acutely aware of how you have attended to the needs of the company’s day to day operations.

This can come in the form of vital task accomplishment, careful troubleshooting of daily procedures, or by simply obtaining the proper set of people skills. For example, in the IT field, people skills are more highly sought out in potential entry-level employees over general computer skills. This has merit, considering how much easier it is to teach someone their way around a computer in comparison to teaching someone their way around a conversation. Which segues wonderfully into the second tip.

2. Work the Room

‘Work the Room’ is essentially this: Find a way to make everyone smile at your job. That’s it. If everyone feels happier at their job, they will ultimately be more productive. Working the room is an essential skill that many sales positions find incredibly lucrative and applicable in today’s market. Learn the details of your coworker’s lives, their passions, and their free time hobbies that make their lives worth living. If you manage to make enough friends, people will vouch for your full time employment with little to no outside encouragement. Humans are social creatures, and with enough knowledge and application of this information, you’ll be one of the crew within no time! This is a fantastic method inside of a small business, as it has become quite fashionable to be passionate and supportive of smaller and rustic companies in recent years.

3. Learn an Invaluable Skill

Does anyone at your workplace speak Portuguese? Now ask yourself, does someone need to? What is that one little something that everyone moans and groans about doing at their workplace? Is it something you can do, or better yet, something you can get enthused about learning to do? By happily filling these niche roles inside of a company, you will absolutely solidify not only a full time employment but a guarantee that you will become a core member of the staff at large. For example, being bilingual is absolutely welcomed in the southern portion of the United States, especially Texas and Arizona. These populations contain a large portion of bilingual or Spanish only speaking people, and if nobody in your office knows how to fulfill their needs, your customer base will suffer. Bring this up to your employer as soon as possible! Whether you are fluent in a relevant language, or eagerly learning one, your boss will take note that you are looking forward to being an asset to the company.

4. The Waiting Game

Not the most popular option, but a valid one nonetheless. Sooner or later, your employer will hire you, either out of notice to your dedication or out of protocol. Simply find out if your place of work has a policy regarding internships and hiring thresholds, and if they have one in place you’re in luck! All you have to do is play the waiting game and before you know it, you’re one of the workers now! Take note that if your work does not have such a policy in writing, you are better off working elsewhere or integrating one of the other steps above.

And there you have it folks, 4 great ways to turn an internship into a full time position at your place of employment!