Interview with a Top Woman Executive – A How To Guide

When attempting to secure new employment opportunities, it is extremely important to work on your job interview skills. In different potential work environments, you will interview with a variety of different people. Regardless of the interviewers age, gender, race, or background, it is imperative that you treat them with respect and professionalism. When going to any job interview it is important to do a few key things. You will want to wear a clean, professional outfit that fits properly. You will also want to show up on time, bring a pen and resume, and ask questions, for example. These are just a few important interview skills. It is also very important to keep in mind who is interviewing you.

Top Woman Executives in the Workplace
In the 21st century, it has now become far more common to meet women executives in the workplace. In all sorts of career fields, women have now been successfully breaking glass ceilings and taking leadership positions for decades. The presence of women executives grows each year as outdated ideals are phased out. Keep in mind that female executives are far more common to find in more developed nations. Many countries do still have some catching up to do in this area.

Interviewing with A Top Woman Executive
When you are contacted by a potential employer about an interview opportunity, you might be told with whom you will be interviewing. It can be useful to do some research on the background, career, or qualifications of your interviewer. Regardless of your gender, there are some things that you may want to keep in mind when you have an interview with a top woman executive.

What To Do During Your Interview
It is typically considered a good idea to begin your interview with a firm handshake and an introduction/ greeting. This is no different when interviewing with a top female executive in the workplace. You will want to treat this interviewer with the same respect and decorum as any other interviewer. During your interview, it is a good idea to maintain comfortable but firm eye contact. You will want to speak firmly and clearly and answer all questions completely to the best of your ability. It is also important to ask questions during a job interview, regardless of your interviewer’s gender.

What Not To Do During Your Interview
Do not treat a top female executive any differently than a top male executive during a job interview or under any other circumstance, professional or not. Men and women are equally intelligent and capable in the workplace and outside of it as well. Realistically, this should go without saying. Unfortunately many people make mistakes when interviewing with top female executives. You do not want to be too familiar during a job interview, even if the interviewer comes off as warm or friendly. You also want to be sure to take top female executives just as seriously as top male executives regardless of what you may have been brought up to believe.

Gender Relations in the Workplace
Gender relations in the workplace are improving, especially in developed countries. There is a great deal of active and continued work, however, that must occur in professional environments before anyone can claim that full equality exists. There is a reason that this topic is important. Unfortunately, many people still look at interviews with top female executives differently than they look at interviews with top male executives. Without awareness though, nothing can improve in regards to this situation.

The Future of Top Women Executives in the Workplace
In the future, there are likely to be more and more female executives who conduct interviews and take the lead in the workplace. Within just a generation or two, people will most likely not even make considerations like this anymore. Society is changing its view on gender for the better. Social issues are coming to a head in many ways, but at the end of the day, business is moving towards equality. As old executives with old ideas are replaced with forward thinking younger executives of all genders and backgrounds, we see improvements in most industries. This adaptation is important and shows the growth of culture and society.

Conclusions on Interviewing with a Top Woman Executive
So what are the key takeaways when it comes to interviewing with a top woman executive? Treat the interview situation just like any other interview situation. Be professional, on time, and well dressed. Maintain eye contact and ask questions. Bring a resume and a pen. These things may seem self explanatory but it is important not to overthink interview situations. The biggest mistake that you can make when you have an interview with a top female executive is taking her gender into mind or attempting to treat her differently because of her gender. It is the 21st century. Workplaces are moving towards equality quickly and businesses are benefiting greatly from this. It is time for interviewees to catch up or get lost in the herd when it comes to handling interviews with top woman executives.