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Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk: Latest Projects of These Ambitious Billionaires

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are two famous billionaires in world with great vision for humanity’s future beyond the earth. The two have dissimilar public personalities, but they have a lot in common. They have great enthusiasm for science and technology and have established their own space travel companies. This has led to grudges among them while trying to outdo each other to win contracts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the US government to create a spaceship that can take astronauts to the moon. Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest person and runs the global Amazon Company while also endeavoring to send people to the moon through his Blue Origin Company. Musk, on the other hand, is a dual CEO, managing both Tesla and SpaceX. In this article, the latest projects of these two billionaires are reviewed.

Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin

One of Jeff Bezos’ notable projects is Blue Origin, a spaceflight company that he claims to be one of the most important projects he is doing and supporting it with huge investments. Bezos has been injecting $1 billion of Amazon funds annually into Blue Origin, a project he wants to act as a space tourism company and control the solar system. It has been competing with Musk’s SpaceX to acquire NASA’s much-coveted contract for future space travel. Blue Origin is targeting to launch its first passenger flight in 2022.

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, started his love for space travel decades ago. He established Blue Origin in 2000 with the same objectives as Musk: to reduce the costs of space exploration using boosters that are renewable for future use. The company operated out of public view until 2003; Bezos did not reveal his plans and kept quiet for over a decade. After that, the company has been testing suborbital spaceships called New Shepard that will later take tourists to space. Passengers will be able to see the earth through large windows and feel a little moment of weightlessness. The company is also creating a big rocket known as New Glenn to take payloads to low orbit. In 2019, Bezos announced another planet lander called Blue Moon but will be ready in 2024. When Bezos announced his plans to resign as Amazon CEO in 2121, he revealed that he would like to have time for his other projects.

Day One Fund

This is another project that received $2 billion from Jeff Bezos in 2018. The funds are divided into two types: The Day 1 Family Fund, which aims to finance current non-profits that assist homeless families, and The Day 1 Academies Fund that aims to establish new, non-profit tier preschools in low-wage families.

Bezos Earth Fund

The Bezos Earth Fund targets to use its $10 billion war chest to aid organizations and scientists fighting against the impact of climate change. It donated $791 million to organizations like Nature Conservancy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, World Resources Institute, and World Wildlife Fund. The Bezos Earth Fund is similar to Bezos’ Amazon and had declared that it would use $2 billion in renewable and decarbonizing technologies.

Elon Musk


Elon Musk is famously known as the outspoken CEO of the electric car-making company Tesla. His SpaceX project is also gaining significance, thus outdoing Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin for important NASA contracts. In April 2021, the company won a contract from NASA to deliver the first astronauts to the moon.

Musk established SpaceX in 2002 before becoming Tesla’s CEO. It developed out of an idea that he needed to send a rocket called “Mars Oasis” to mass. The spacecraft would deliver a trial greenhouse and device that takes photos of the planet and send them back to earth. Musk hopes that it would ignite a new interest in accessing mars within the US government. He set aside $20 million to finance the mission and tried to buy revamped ICBMs from Russia. This failed because he learned that the project was higher than his budget. So instead, he established SpaceX to create reusable rockets to reduce the cost of taking people into space. SpaceX is also working on a wireless internet service that composes a satellite known as Starlink. They aim to convey high-speed internet to remote and rural areas. In addition, Musk sees that the ability of humans depends on their ability to stay in Mars. He said in 2020 that he has a vision of establishing a city of one million people in Mars by 2050.


Elon Musk does not only work on SpaceX and Tesla. He also has another project called Neuralink. The project is used to design the first neural implant that will enable humans to manage computers through an implant known as the Link. This gadget will be used directly in your brain to process, activate and carry neural signals. Musk has declared that he is anticipating to see the device used in curing depression, memory loss, hearing loss, and insomnia.


Elon Musk is full of ambitions, and Hyperloop is one of the projects he will use to achieve his dreams. He plans to use this company to ferry passengers using a high-speed vacuum tube. For instance, it can pick commuters from Washington DC to Baltimore in under 15 minutes.