Job Market

Jobs That Are Currently In High Demand and Pay Well

When planning a career path, the first thing is to cultivate the sustainable skills needed by employers. You can know about what skills to acquire by knowing about current trends that exist in the job market. With an awareness of the trends in the job market, it is possible to prepare for a position among the careers that are in demand. The growth rates of these careers are expected to rise over the next five years. This article will list seven careers that are currently in demand to help you choose the right career path.

  1. Home Health Aide

A home health aide takes care of their clients in their homes. They help them with daily activities, such as personal hygiene and dressing, ensuring they take their medication, and collaborating with medical professionals to sustain the client’s health. The services of home health aides are mostly needed by the elderly and those with chronic illness who are left alone at home when other members of the family go to work.

Additional Duties

• Providing basic health care services such as administering medication and checking patient’s vital signs
• Assisting patients with personal hygiene, bathing, and dressing
• Report the client’s health status
• Help with light housecleaning
• Collaborate with CNAs, nurses, or nursing aides to provide patient care

Requirements: There is no requirement for formal education, however, most employers ask for certification from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.

Average Salary: $11.98 per hour

  1. Web Developer

Web developers create easy-to-navigate websites using programming languages like Javascript, CSS, and HTML and also perform maintenance on existing sites. With the increased usage of the internet and more businesses embracing it to do business, web developers will continue to be in high demand.

Additional Duties

• Edit, write, or design website content
• Perform website updates
• Identify website issues with customer feedback and testing
• Maintain precise knowledge about new programming and web applications
• Develop web testing schedules for testing all device types and browser

Requirements: An Associate Degree in Programming, Web Design, Web Development, or another relevant field. Proficiency in MySQL, CSS, HTML, and Javascript may also be required.

Average Salary: $72,040 per year

  1. Medical Technologist

Medical technologists maintain and operate medical equipment used to analyze scientific tests on bodily fluids and blood. They do a lot of tests and go through other risks of different diseases.

Additional Duties

• Collect and prepare tissue, blood, and urine samples for analysis
• Identify cell defects in the samples
• Prepare thorough reports about the test results
• Document and review data
• Collaborate with medical specialists to establish the possible diagnosis
• Maintain a clean work station in consideration of safety regulations and procedures

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology

Average Salary: $56,368 per year

  1. Nursing Assistant

Also referred to as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) a nursing assistant assists patients with healthcare. They work under a Registered Nurse in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, or other medical treatment centers.

Additional Duties

• Record the patient’s health as observed
• Lifting or moving bedridden patients
• Taking the essential signs of their patients
• Feeding or serving food to patients
• Changing and cleaning bed linen
• Bath and dress patients

Requirements: GED or a high school diploma. Complete state nursing assistant training and get certified.

Average Salary: $28,454 per year

  1. Truck Driver

Truck drivers move goods from a supplier or warehouse to a vendor or store following a strict deadline. We rely on them to deliver most of the home supplies from the manufacturer. They make goods to move and thus, playing an important role.

Additional Duties

• Logging work hours and activities
• Drive long distances to deliver goods to customers or businesses
• Loading and unloading cargo
• Record deliveries
• Clean and refuel the truck
• Follow traffic laws
• Inspect the truck and report mechanical problems to maintenance

Requirements: High school diploma, Commercial driving license (CDL), spotless driving record, and pass alcohol and drug test

Average Salary: $57,616 per year

  1. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor offers financial counsel to clients about current market trends and can invest money on behalf of the client. They are important as they play a very essential responsibility. Money can be very challenging to understand how to invest or spend. Thus financial advisors are helpful in this sector.

Additional Duties

• Answer client questions regarding finance
• Talk to clients to establish their financial goals and expenses to create a financial plan
• Advise clients considering investment strategies
• Analyze client financial data to develop tactics for achieving a client’s financial goals
• Interpret client’s investment performance reports and summaries
• Communicate with the client to inform them of their financial status

Requirements: Bachelor of Arts in Finance, current FINRA Series 7 and 63 Securities Registration

Average Salary: $66,083 per year

  1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring for security concerns in computer systems. Many businesses have an online presence that may involve handling client personal data. Information security analysts strive to ensure that their systems do not get hacked as it jeopardizes company and client data.

Additional Duties

• Investigate and record security breaches and other issues
• Operate software and install security measures to safeguard systems and information infrastructure

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Programming, Computer Science, or a related field. Additional requirements for the job may include knowledge of SIEM, proxies, antivirus, and firewalls. You should also possess the ability to notice and repair network issues and provide ways to avoid them in the future.

Average Salary: $81,555 per year

If you are starting your career path or would like to change your career, the above seven options are a good way to start.