Interview Tips

Know The Company Prior To The Interview

Apart from getting yourself cleaned up nice, with your dress to impress attire, you will need to prepare yourself mentally for any job interview. And a very important part of that mental preparation is to do your homework and get to know the company you are desiring to work for. Knowing a company means knowing their values, their mission, and their pet peeves.

To know a company’s values, like knowing the values of a good friend, means to invest time, effort, and care into a relationship. Like caring what is important to a friend, caring what matters to a business is a deal-maker. Even more so if you share values with a business, in the long run, you will be an asset to a company and will be capable of contributing to the success and growth of a company seeing that you are equally as passionate about particular matters, current events, or world issues.

The mission of a company is critical to be able to identify during an interview. The mission of a company is their whole reason for existing. Not only does a company’s mission describe why they were founded, but it also entails the purpose behind their goals and what makes them tick. Prior to running to sit with an employer the next morning, ready the way you are, with no preparation whatsoever, instead try putting in some effort to research a company’s mission.

Haste can make waste, and if you are really adamant about getting hired and even more so, getting hired for a particular company, take the time to do a little preparation. Showing a company you took the time to look up what they are all about will not only show them that you care about what they stand for, but it will also show them that you are indeed already a hard worker. After all you did not get paid to do your homework, but it will pay off.

Now, like all people, and companies, since people make up the substance of companies, there are little nuances or pet peeves that are not found all that favorable to different employers. You will have to do a bit of deeper research, possibly even borderline detective work if you want to find out the qualities a company is looking for, and those that it simply will not tolerate. It often helps to look at reviews clients or the public have written to get a better idea of what you will be up against.

Employers will look for particular qualities and characteristics. Certain characteristics are vital to have. Confidence in your own skills, or basically staying humble, but never questioning your ability to do your own job is crucial; otherwise if you question your capabilities, how much even more so a company that will be relying on you to do work for them. Being personable is also very important; you must be able to talk to people and professionally vibe with people, rather than just talk at them.

Reliability is also vital, if you make a promise you must be able to keep it, we are only as good as our word. If we are always wishy-washy in what we say, and never come through on what we said we were going to do, we can no longer be trusted, and become unreliable like a vehicle that always overheats every time we really need it to run. It is important to know what exactly a business is looking for in it’s employees and what to avoid.

It’s almost time to get some ZZZs and call it night before a big day tomorrow, where you’ll sit before a table of the successful, the leaders, the do-ers, the accomplished; now it may be tempting to inhale a box of pizza and just call it a night with all the nerves you might have thinking about tomorrow. But it will pay off to do your homework, and find out the values, the mission, and the pet peeves of a company before you officially turn the lights out. Don’t just dream your dreams while sleeping, wake up and keep on living them, and keep on keeping them alive.