Land That Job Faster: Strategic Job Search Tips

Job searches cause many people unnecessary stress because they’re unsure how to go about the process. They don’t know where to start or what to do to land a job. If you are one of those people, change that with the following job search advice. Use this information to improve confidence and land the jobs that you want a lot quicker than you could do without these strategies in place.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Before you begin a job search, understand your skills, level of expertise, and the type of job(s) you’re interested in landing. Focus attention on those industries since you will land a job faster when you have skills and experience. If you are inexperienced or applying for a job for the first time, learn as much about the industry and companies for which you complete an application. This helps you stand out from a pool of applications, potentially landing the job you really want.


Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to learn about job openings. Ask friends, family members, neighbors, and even coworkers at your current job if you are employed. They may have great information that can direct you toward a career that you love, but you only learn the details if you ask. Word-of-mouth has long been a useful strategy used in a job search. Continue that path and use word-of-mouth to help land a job.

Use Search Engines to Find Jobs

One of the easiest ways to find local jobs is via a search engine like Google. Just type in the type of job of interest along with your city, for immediate access to available openings with nearby companies. For example, if you are a website designer in Houston, search Google for terms such as ‘Web design jobs Houston.’

Use AutoFill for Online Applications

Conducting your job search online? Save time with autofill. It is everyone’s BFF during a job search. Autofill features save incredible amounts of time, especially when completing job applications. Ensure the AutoFill information is correct and up to date, then simply paste in the appropriate space. How simple is that?

Update Your Resume

Does your resume sound like all the rest? You need to stand out to employers to land a job. They want and need to know why you are an asset to their team, why your skills are better than the other applicants. A refresher of your resume could be the key to getting the job that you really want.

Be Leary of Scams

We live in a world full of technology. Many employers require applicants to submit their information via electronic means. And almost all employers offer online job applications. Be leary of jobs posted via job boards. Google can give more information about any company if you search the company name plus the word ‘scam.’

Apply directly through the employer website or a well-known agency when possible. Never, under any circumstances, pay upfront cash or application fees when applying for a job.

Know Your Worth

When you know what you bring to the table, employers see your confidence during interviews. They hear it in your words and can sense it in the vibes that you give off. Confidence can take you places in this thing called life, including when seeking a new job or a great career. Know your worth and the value that you offer to a company and you can get more job offers!


Sign-up for email job notification lists at companies of special interest as well as at staffing agencies that get new jobs regularly. Youll is among the first to know about the opening, giving you quick access to the job. Be prepared with that freshly updated resume so employers know that you are serious about the position.

Social Does It

It’s no surprise that employers find new hires via social media and often search for potential candidates via LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure to have an open, vivid social media display, but keep the Friday night girls’ night out photos private. That could ruin your chance at landing any worthwhile job. Network with other people spread the word that you need a job, and don’t shy away from posting listings in local job groups.

Be Interview Ready

Interviewers want to get inside your head and learn what sets you out from other applicants. They want to feel assured that you bring value to the company. The interview is your time to shine. Don’t be caught off-guard during the interview process. Practice interviews at home with a family member or a friend and have answers ready for those oftentimes unexpected questions such as “What are your biggest weaknesses” or “Name a time you went above and beyond in your job duties.”

Improve Your Job Search Today

While this list does not include every tip that job seekers need to land a job quicker, it does list some of the easiest, most useful strategies. Use all of this information in your job search to hear ‘you’re hired’ even sooner. Although it’s a tough market out there, you can make yourself more available by using these simple tips.