Tips to Make Job Search Process Less Stressful

Looking for a new job can be a tedious and time consuming process. Between scouring for openings online, filling out countless job applications, and nervously awaiting that phone call for an interview, it’s no wonder why so many people give up on the process altogether. Fortunately, there are a ton of fantastic tips which anybody can use in order to increase their chances of landing that coveted position. Here are several great strategies to incorporate into that job hunt.

Manage Your Expectations Get Honest
When looking for a new job, it is important to be realistic about the time frame. Most people will look for a new position for around five or six months before they are hired. For some people, it may take even longer. The job market is incredibly competitive right now, therefore, it is important to manage one’s expectations on a realistic time frame. One should try not to get discouraged if they have not received a call back for a few months. The process takes time.

Update Your Resume With Relevant Skills
A simple way one can make themselves more marketable is to make sure their resume is up to date. A resume should be looked over and updated at least once every few months in order to accurately reflect any newly acquired skills or trainings. Another key detail to add, is whether one is fluent in a secondary language. Society has become incredibly multicultural over the last few decades, and individuals who speak two or more languages often have a leg up on their competition. One may want to consider including any relevant skills which can help one stand out amongst the crowd.

To Know What You Want You Must Know What You Don’t Want
If one has been searching for a job for a while, they may become tempted to apply for positions that they know they will ultimately not enjoy. While it can be temping to accept a position simply for a paycheck, it is important to understand that this frame of mind can negatively impact one’s work environment. It’s not difficult to distinguish between employees who simply want a paycheck, and those who are truly passionate about their work. When applying for a position, it is important for one to be honest with themselves and really consider whether that position is a good fit for them.

Be Open to New Opportunities and Experiences
Even though it is important for one to be honest with what they do not want, it is also important to be open to opportunities which one may have not considered in the past. For example, if a teacher is having a difficult time finding openings in a school district, perhaps a position teaching at the juvenile detention center may be a rewarding option. There are a wealth of interesting opportunities in just about every field which one may have not even considered. Do some research on opportunities related to a specialized field, and see if any of them sparks interest.

Get Proactive When Searching For a Position
Sometimes, all it takes is a face to face meeting in order to obtain a job lead. Many people assume that submitting a resume to a potential place of employment is the only way to land a position, however, this is the worst way to approach job hunting. Employers regularly receive hundreds of resumes every month, and after a while they all start to look the same. After a potential opening has sparked interest and a resume has been submitted, a good idea would be to follow up with a phone call. Maybe drop by the office and ask if there has been any progress. Even if they had gone with another candidate, perhaps they can lead one in the right direction of a different opening. It never hurts to follow up one’s job application, it could lead to a big break.

Confidence Is Key
It can be difficult to remain optimistic if one has been searching for an open position for a while. One may even start to question if they even have any marketable skills or qualities. It is important to not get too discouraged or downtrodden. It is true that employers can sense whether or not a potential new employee exudes confidence. More often than not, confidence plays a role in whether or not a person lands that job. By remaining optimistic and confident in one’s abilities, one is more likely to receive a follow up interview or phone call.

Exude Professionalism Through Appearance
When preparing for a job interview, it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion. Even if the position is for a company with a more relaxed dress policy, it is important to go with business casual attire for the initial interview. Many people who otherwise would have been ideal candidates for a position ultimately do not receive the job offering due to an unkempt, unprofessional appearance during the interview. While it may seen silly to wear a nice suit or dress to an interview with a more casual workplace environment, it showcases that individual’s adherence to professionalism and leadership skills.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Networking
Oftentimes, people learn about new job openings through other avenues, such as word of mouth. They may even learn about these new openings before they become publicly listed on job search websites. It is important for people to let their family and friends know that they are looking for a new job opportunity. They may know of potential openings or businesses that are searching for new talent.

Keep Your Head Up, Don’t Get Discouraged
Yes, looking for a new job can be incredibly tedious and overwhelming. It may take several months, or even a year before that perfect position comes along. It may even seem as though everyone else is landing new job opportunities with minimal effort. Try not to get too discouraged or stressed. It may take a little while, however, by utilizing these tips and tricks to maximize one’s job search efforts, that perfect position is sure to eventually come along.