Interview Tips

Tips To Prepare For Your Zoom Interview

Interviews are being conducted online today more than ever. Have you landed a virtual interview? Congratulations! Keep reading to get helpful tips on how to go about it. Your presentation and level of professionalism will be judged by your presentation throughout the zoom interview. These pointers will help you to have the best zoom interview:

Before the interview

The following are zoom interview tips before the interview:

Preparing for the app, software and fixing any issues

Download the zoom app on your PC if you do not have it. Search for on your browser and click on the zoom website. Scroll down to the end where they have their About tab. Next to it is the Download tab. There are variations of zoom to download: the android app, the IOS and Ipad app, and zoom clients for meetings. Download zoom clients for meetings and it will start installing on your device once you complete download and click on it to install. You can find the zoom app on Google Play for android.

As a first time user, start your own meeting to familiarize with the buttons, settings, icons, and commands. Pretend you are on the interview and talk on the microphone and camera just to get rid of any weirdness with the process. Record yourself while practising answering questions to confirm you are audible, and to correct your posture if need be.

If you keep going offline, you might come off as unserious. Find a stable source of internet, use it as you get familiar with zoom to ascertain it works effectively.

If you will share some of your work, portfolio, report, or softcopy documents, you need to learn to share your screen by tapping the share screen icon. It is at the bottom of the screen and you can share an open window or your desktop entirely. A stop share button appears at the top of the screen when sharing screen so you can tap on it when you complete sharing your information. Practice this too.

Change how your name appears on zoom on your zoom profile settings. Use your name as it appears on your resume.

To avoid rushing to mute audio or video you can turn these off by going to the settings, audio/video, mute microphone/turn off video prior to joining the interview meeting.

Pick an outfit

Pick an outfit you will wear during the interview. For a camera friendly outfit, pick a monochrome look on the darker or lighter sides just not pastels. Think black, white, grey, dark greens, navy blues, or a subtle combination of three of these. But the choice on colour is greatly personal. Only ensure that you dress as you would an official physical interview. It is a safer choice compared to the chaos busy patterns will conjure.

Avoid striped clothing and keep jewellery on the minimum. Cameras tend to create a wavy pattern with striped clothing, which will destruct your interviews or simply annoy them.

Try on your outfit and check it on the mirror as well as on camera to ensure you look presentable. You can use your phone front camera to study this.

Prepare your setting

Find a quiet space to avoid destructions. It should be clean, organized, and well lit. It could be a room or outside on your porch. If you choose an outdoor area, ensure your gadget is fully charged. Find a chair and table to complete this set up. Use a book, a turned basket, or a stand if you have one to prop up your phone if it is what you are using. Check to see at what level you appear on the screen clearly and within the video frame.

Practice for the interview questions

Knowledge is power, is an actual thing. When you practice for the possible questions, you will have a lot of confidence. Knowledge or lack thereof shows in an interview. Research about the role and the skills required for it. Prepare various answers that show you have experiences that meet those skills. Find out relevant information about the company so that you can answer questions related to this, for example, why do you want to work in this company?

Practice answering potential questions aloud to a relative, friend, or your mirror. You can do this in the room you set aside for the interview just to get more familiar with it. Prepare questions about the job or the company that you can ask during the interview.


On the day of the interview, ensure your hair is presentable, shower early and dress as you wait for the set time. You will be on video during the meeting, and looking presentable earns you a good first impression with the interviewer. If you are ready an hour to two before the meeting, it will give you time to relax, get rid of anxious energy and go over your documents and other notes you had as part of your preparation.

During the interview

The following are zoom interview tips before the interview:

Relax and be alert

Be relaxed, breathe in, and answer questions in a minute to two to allow yourself to internalize what you are saying as opposed to rambling. When alert, you can answer questions correctly and confidently. When you are not speaking, listen keenly to respond appropriately.

Muting and unmuting audio

You will need to mute the microphone during the interview when you are not required to speak. It will help you to appear professional because the interview will be free of destructions. Since you will be familiar with how to unmute, you will avoid the panic and anxiety of trying to find the mic when the interviewer asks a question. Alternatively, use your space bar to unmute if you are using your PC by clicking and pressing on it.

Only unmute when you need to speak, when answering a question and when it is your cue to speak.

Answer questions clearly

You will be able to do this with the research you previously did. Ensure that you can match any questions about being fit for the job relating to actual instances from your experience when you encountered similar tasks or challenges. This speaks to the interviewer about your personality, and problem solving skills. Ask the questions you prepared.

Body language

Remember to look at the camera lens, think of this as virtual eye contact. Sit upright during the interview because it makes you look like you are put together.

Turn off all notifications and put your phone on silent mode during the interview. When you are thus prepared, you will enjoy your zoom interview from commencement to the end. It will be relaxed and devoid anxious feelings and lots of second-guessing. At the end of the meeting, ask clarification about the next steps and thank the interviewer for having you. Then leave the meeting after turning off your camera and audio.