Top 5 Online Job Search Websites

Setting out to find a new job can feel intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be, particularly when you use some of the amazing job search tools available online. By taking advantage of these sites, you cut down on your own footwork and efficiently find jobs that are not only premium, but also well suited for your skills.

We’ve compiled here five of the best online job resources to help you get started. 

Monster is arguably one of the most popular job search tools on the market, and also one of the oldest on the block. Opening over 20 years ago, Monster has streamlined the process of job searching, with easy to use tools to help you scout out openings near you as well as upload your resume. Potential employers often look to monster to search for new hires, so it’s really a source you don’t want to overlook. You can also use Monster to gain career advice and research firms, making it a one stop shop for job seekers. 

Career Builder

Career Builder has much in common with Monster: it lets you upload your resume, and offers readable content that is useful for those in the job market. WIth Career Builder, the younger of the two by just one year, users can receive alerts when new jobs open up along with job recommendations specifically selected for them. You can also read articles to help you hone your resume to make it the best it can be. Career Builder is often used as a go-to source for both job seekers and employers on the hunt.


HotJobs is a job site that originated in the 90s and was ultimately purchased by Yahoo in the new millennium. Like Monster and Career Builder, HotJobs works as a job database where you can seamlessly scroll through job openings in your field and location. The database has similar tools as well, like the option to upload your resume and take advantage of career tips. When considering the three, take some time to get familiar with how the sites function and choose the one that best fits your needs and style. 


LinkedIn is typically considered a social media site, but it is a social media site specifically tailored for all things jobs. While users utilize the site to connect with likeminded people in their industry, it is also a great source for job seekers. Not only can you polish up your own profile to make a pristine impression should future employers search your name, but you can also connect with others who might be looking to hire. By building these professional relationships online, you’ll be the first to know when new jobs open up at a company you’re interested in. 


CraigsList is generally considered an online classifieds, making it perfect as an additional job search tool. CraigsList has a thriving job search board, which you can search based on region. It’s ideal if you’re looking to pick up freelance or non-contract work, or if your skill set works best with a non-traditional platform. It’s also a good way to search for local part time work, particularly if you’re looking to pick up a side job.