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Top 7 Highest-Paying and Most Rewarding Jobs in 2021

Your college academic advisor or even your high school counselor might have advised you to always follow your passion. But as you grow older, you realize that there is something more to it—the salary. It’s always good to understand that no job can fit everyone but most of the best jobs have one thing in common—they pay well. however, as you endeavor to search for jobs with the maximum pay, it always to also think about work-life balance.

Jobs that pay well, for example, in the health sector features a long time of phenomenal growth. Besides, the barriers to entry in those fields are self-selecting in terms of the risk involved, the level of education, the involved responsibility, and the stress. So, if you make it, you can be sure of top salaries. Simply put, if you do something that not many people can do, you will always be handsomely compensated for it.

Your Path to High Paying Jobs
If you want to land in the top paying careers, ask yourself, “Which unique thing can I do that’s not common to many?” If you come up with something of great value to the market, you might land in one of the below top seven most paying jobs.
Apart from the medical field jobs, if you are searching for a job in 2021, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics conquers with Glassdoor that technological jobs will continue booming for more than a decade. Computer and IT jobs are projected to grow at a faster rate than ever. Besides, other tech jobs are also expected to continue doing well throughout the year.

The below list of the top seven most paying jobs is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for unemployment and job growth rates. Check them out!
Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs for 2021

  1. Surgeons and Physicians
    Do you want to land yourself in a well-paying job? Simple! Follow your mum’s advice—become a medical doctor. If you follow this line, your daily roles will be centered on diagnosing and treating illnesses, performing major surgeries, educating patients and the junior medical practitioners, carrying out medical assessments, among others.
    BLS reports that surgeons and physicians earn an average salary of more than $200,000. The report also indicates that physician jobs are projected to grow by 4% over the decade.
  2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    The CEO occupies the top seat in the company’s management. Mostly reporting to the board of directors, the CEO provides the direction for the company, creates policies, sets goals to be achieved, and steers the company’s overall corporate ship.
    If you are eyeing a CEO role, fold your sleeves and get set for an MBA journey plus many years of experience. The average annual salary for a CEO ranges from $170,000 to 186,000. Over the decade, CEO positions are expected to grow by 4%.
  3. Psychiatrist
    Just like surgeons, our mental doctors also carry home a healthy salary. As opposed to psychologists, psychiatrists also attend medical schools and undergo a long period of training. If you haven’t known that these individuals also prescribe medicine, now you know.
    Psychiatrists approach mental health like the physical health doctors and therefore, they receive an equivalent amount. The average salary for a psychiatrist ranges between $170,500 to 175,000.
  4. Information Technology Network Architect
    In the current days, almost all companies fall under computer and communication platforms. And IT network architects are crucial persons in keeping communications afloat. As an IT architect, you’ll be responsible for designing all the data communication networks.
    The job will require you to have at least a master’s degree and lots of other school years and vast experience in the field. The average salary for this job ranges from $160,400-165,000.
  5. Architectural and Engineering Managers
    The engineering managers mostly work in engineering firms. They are bestowed with the responsibility of hiring, training, and supervising a team or teams of engineers. Also, they help to develop product development plans and re-engineer production methods to ensure all the engineering processes are optimally executed. Besides, they come up with budgets and carry out value analysis for optimal efficiency as well as cost savings.
    If you are eying an architectural or engineering manager’s position, be prepared for some intense period of learning. Although an annual salary of more than $140,000 justifies all this. With BLS projecting these positions to grow by 3%, it means that there is a great potential of earning a position as an architectural manager.
  6. Petroleum Engineers
    The petroleum engineers usually work with the oil extracting companies to determine the best oil and gas extraction methods, equipment, designs, and as well come up with the most appropriate drilling plans.
    Although you might land in this position with a general engineering degree, employers mostly prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in the petroleum engineering field. Expect an average salary of over $130,000 when you land this job. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that petroleum engineer employment will increase by 3% over the decade.
  7. Information Technology Manager
    It managers are always in charge of all the IT department in an organization. They work in a position of authority over other junior technicians who keep the company’s computer systems and networks up and running.
    Although you can work up through the ranks to this position, you will require special training in most cases. You will not only require a complete mastery of technological aspects but also complete knowledge of management techniques and skills. This ultimately calls for a master’s degree in IT. When you land this job, expect an annual salary of more than $100,000

    As you can see, this is a very small list of the highest-paying jobs. Although we may have featured the top-most paying jobs in different fields, there might be others in between the lines. So, be on the lookout.
    Otherwise, if you feel that one of the above-described jobs is your fancy and you didn’t study that field in school, you don’t need to physically go back to class to study for it. You can enroll yourself to pursue a course through online training and begin the process of pursuing great salaries in the above-featured jobs.