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Interview Tips

5 Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

When sitting down for an interview, the hiring manager can tell when something is off. If an individual is bluffing, padding their resume, or talking about a skill they clearly don’t have, others will typically catch on. We’ve rounded up some mistakes people make when trying to impress a potential boss.

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Using Positive Language For a Job Interview

When going in for a job interview, you need to focus on making the right impression. How you present yourself should let the world know, “Here I am, the perfect candidate for this job…your ideal fit has arrived!” Proactive language is a great way to convey a positive attitude to your potential employer.

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12 Surprising Tips For a Job Interview

So you’ve got an important job interview coming up and you are wondering—what do I do now? Preparing for a meeting with a potential employer takes plenty of planning and research, both before and then after the interview. Below we have compiled twelve tips that you might not have thought of before.

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7 Job Interview Tips to Help You Get the Position 

Going in for a job interview can seem daunting – even if you’ve sat in on several before, there are always nerves involved. You meet new people, are asked tough questions, and feel the pressure to represent yourself in the best light. Below are some of our best job interview tips to help you succeed.

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Expert Interview Tips to Land the Job

Experts say job seekers need to do their homework on a company before going in for an interview. Even if the firm in question is a private business, that still doesn’t excuse you from doing your research to put your best foot forward. The following techniques can help improve your shot at the interview.

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Know These Top 10 Job Interview Tips

You’ve sent out your resume and polished your cover letter. Now you need to brush up your interview skills. Even the most impressive resume won’t be enough to get you through the door if your interview presence falls flat. Below, we’ve compiled 10 of the best tips to help you avoid interview pitfalls.

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